Can I afford to be a Freemason?


DewiLogoWeb.jpgThere has been a widespread misconception for many years that the world of Freemasonry is the reserve of the wealthy. This is quite untrue - it's quite possible for men with an average income to enjoy the privilege of membership.

It cannot be denied that many of our members are wealthy - even monarchs of Great Britain and other nations have joined in our assemblies. The vast majority of Freemasons, however, are men of average income.

The costs associated with being a member of our lodge consist of, firstly, an annual subscription fee, payable to the lodge. This subscription entitles you to attend all of the regular meetings of the lodge. Our lodge meets on a slightly less than most other lodges so our annual subscription is lower than other lodges - possibly the lowest subscription fee in Worcestershire.

Each of the regular lodge meetings is concluded with a 'Festive Board', a highly enjoyable formal dinner of three or more courses, served with wine which is usually attended by all members who have attended the lodge meeting. The cost of the dinner and wine, whilst of a very good standard, is controlled to ensure good value for money. Members pay for their dinner separately on the night, an amount roughly equivalent to what you would expect to pay for a single-course meal with a glass of wine in an average restaurant.

We are a charitable organisation, so charity is at the forefront of what we do. Each member is expected to make a contribution to charity according to his own particular means, which should be without detriment to himself or his family. Some lodges encourage a single annual payment of a charity donation, and others have different arrangements. We in Cyfrinfa Dewi Sant prefers an individual appeal for a specific charitable cause at each meeting from our Charity Steward. Following this appeal, members discreetly place their chosen amount into a sealed envelope.

The collection of Alms for the poor has been practised since the dawn of Freemasonry, and represents charity toward those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is customary for each member to donate a small amount at each meeting for the Almoner's account.

These, then, are the basic costs of being a Freemason for a whole year which, when added together, can amount to less than £300.

It must be mentioned that for new members into Freemasonry, there is a single modest Initiation Fee which is paid on the day of your initiation. There are costs associated with the regalia worn by freemasons in lodge, but these are, again modest and no purchases are, in any case necessary for the first two years as the necessary regalia is provided by the lodge without charge.

If you have any questions about affordability, our lodge or Freemasonry in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us by using the Contact Us form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.