Interested in becoming a Freemason?


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Our lodge is an open door into Freemasonry for men of good character who can fulfil a small, but significant number of pre-requisite qualifications:

  • He must be 21 years or older (there are special cases where men may be admitted below this age)
  • He has a belief in a supreme being (God as you understand him).
  • He is willing and able to make a commitment to regularly attend Lodge meetings.
  • He must sincerely seek to improve himself for his own benefit, and the benefit of his family and others.
  • He will join with an open mind, without the expectation of gaining commercial, financial or social advantage from his membership.
  • He is able to afford the necessary cost of membership without detriment to himself or his family. (Our present annual subscription fee is £130 per year - please see the "Can I afford to be a Freemason" page)


Becoming a member of our lodge will immediately open the way to the welcoming world of Freemasonry not only in our lodge, but in the 112 other lodges of our Masonic Province of Worcestershire, the 250,000 other Freemasons who are members of Provinces throughout the remainder of England and Wales, and the millions of other Freemasons worldwide. There are recognised lodges in virtually every country in the world.


Ready to Enquire About Joining?

If you are comfortable with these requirements and would like to find out about the simple next steps toward joining The Lodge of St. David, please pop your details in the Contact Form HERE Please briefly state your reasons for wanting to become a Freemason and a member of our lodge, and state whether you would prefer to be contacted by email or phone.


What Happens After Joining?

Worldwide, there are around six million Freemasons, all with their own special reasons why they enjoy Freemasonry. For some, it’s about making new friends and acquaintances. For others, it’s being able to help deserving causes – making a contribution to family and society. But for all, it is simply a highly enjoyable way of enjoying the company of like-minded men.

Freemasons meet in Private Lodges each of which can have a membership of 15 upwards. In England alone approximately 8,000 men become Freemasons every year.  

When a man becomes a Freemason, he progresses through three degrees of Freemasonry, known as the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason degrees. The ceremonies by which he receives these degrees of Masonic development take the form of fascinating dramatic moral playlets which are ancient in origin.  The Lodge of Dewi Sant holds five Lodge meetings per year, on the fourth Friday of the months of September, November, January, February and April.  In addition to Lodge meetings, there are an equal number of committee meetings, which may or may not include instruction or rehearsal of the ceremonies.  

After some years progressing through various 'offices' in the lodge a Master Mason can qualify to be elected as Master of the Lodge. This is the highest honour a lodge can bestow on one of its members.

Many Freemasons do not progress beyond these three degrees and continue to enjoy their meetings in what is generally known as 'Craft' Freemasonry for many years, however all those who have received the third degree are advised of the existence of the Holy Royal Arch. The message of the Holy Royal Arch is the awareness of man's relationship with his God. The Holy Royal Arch is operated as a separate and distinct part of Freemasonry.

You may hear of other Masonic degrees or Orders; there are many of them, with many offshoots and extensions of each however they are not administered by the United Grand Lodge of England.

After joining a lodge and usually after becoming a Master Mason it will usually be possible to take an office in the Lodge. This means you will have particular duties within the lodge and may be taking part in the dramatic representation of the moral messages mentioned earlier. Officers progress through the offices in a Lodge, usually on an annual basis, until the office of Master of the Lodge is attained.

Having completed your time as Master of the Lodge one becomes a Past Master and after some years may be honoured to be appointed an officer of the Provincial Grand Lodge. Eventually, those who show exceptional service and merit may be invited to become officers of United Grand Lodge. All these progressions, as well as being honours, bring with them new duties and responsibilities.